Fitness and nutrition apps have proven how effective measurement-based care can be. By collecting information about daily health experiences, individuals get an accurate reflection of progression towards their goals and can identify areas for improvement.

MOBI takes measurement-based care to the next level. Unlike other health apps, MOBI is designed to enhance the partnership between the client and their treatment providers.    

Our dedicated team supports providers in integrating MOBI into their existing workflow and using measurement-based care to enrich treatment services. With this support, providers can effectively use MOBI to help clients reach their recovery goals. 

Our process looks like this:

1. Learning Session and    Needs Assessment

  • We learn the clinic’s current workflow
  • We identify the clinic’s needs

2. Workflow Integration

  • We support clinic admin in integrating MOBI into their workflow
  • We show how MOBI works without any additional effort

4. Technical Assistance

  • We support the clinics in quality assurance and IT security

  • We show how to use MOBI data for documentation and funding applications

  • We provide technical assistance to clients using MOBI

3. Training and Support

  • We provide a full suite of training materials and resources
  • We coach staff in use of MOBI over time

This close partnership with your team is what distinguishes MOBI from the rest. We don't just sell you the product, we also include support services, training, and technical assistance. Safari Health with all their expertise will walk beside you as you implement MOBI to make your services the best they can be.